What our patients are saying: We invite you to read some of the many testimonials and thank you notes that we receive from our patients.

Tooth Removal – Holtsville

Thanks you so much for taking us in so promptly and being so kind. Tia made a miraculous recovery and it was not traumatic at all! Thanks for a great experience! NV, Holtsville, Oral Surgery Patient

Tooth Infection – Pt Jeff Station

Thank you so much for seeing me on such short notice last Saturday, Jan 10th and for performing the incision and drainage procedure that helped so much to decrease the intense pain I was suffering from. I know how precious weekends are to everyone, and I sure appreciated all of you for accommodating me on a[...]

Dental Implant – Patchogue

Dear Dr. Miller and staff, I want to thank you for being so patient with me and for taking care of my dental implant surgery.  I am doing wonderful!  P.H., Patchogue – Oral Surgery Patient

Oral Biopsy – Commack

Dr Miller, I wanted to let you know how thankful am for your time and help with my dental problem.  You saw me on an emergency basis and were able to help me on the same day.  I needed a biopsy on my cheek.  I was very nervous.  You eased my fears about cancer.  You[...]

Wisdom Teeth Removal – East Northport

Thank you, Dr. Miller so much for taking the time to call us to see how D.S. was doing after his wisdom teeth were removed.  I was really touched.  I also want to thank you and your assistants for making him so comfortable during his oral surgery.  You and your staff did an excellent job![...]

Wisdom Teeth Removal – Commack

Dr. Miller was extremely gentle with my son, and both the Doctor and staff were very understanding.  Dr. Miller explained what was involved in getting my son’s wisdom teeth removed and my son was not worried about the procedure at all.  I liked the fact that Dr. Miller explained the whole procedure beforehand. L.K., Commack[...]

Painless Oral Surgery – Smithtown

I knew that my Oral Surgeon, Dr. Miller would do what was necessary to cause the least amount of discomfort possible.  Dr. Miller made getting oral surgery painless. A.C.,Smithtown – Oral Surgery Patient

Dental Implants – Kings Park

Thank you for making it possible for me to chew again.  With the dental implants you recommended I can bite into an apple and enjoy corn on the cob! P.G., Kings Park Dental Implant Patient  

Friendly Oral Surgery Office – Commack

“Professional, friendly oral surgery office.” I just love the fact that Dr. Miller’s office is so professional and that the staff are so friendly.  It makes the need for oral surgery much better than it might otherwise be.  Thank you all. AG, Commack, NY – Oral Surgery Patient

Oral Surgeon – Great chairside manner – Northport

“Dr. Miller has great chairside manner and my daughter had a pleasant experience” It means a lot to a parent to find an Oral Surgeon who is professional and has a great chair side manner.  My daughter had a pleasant experience – thank you. HK, Northport NY – Parent of Oral Surgery Patient

Excellent Dental Implants – Deer Park

“Excellent” All I can say about Dr. Miller and his wonderful staff is that everything was excellent – and my dental implants are also excellent. JM, Deer Park – Dental Implant Patient

Wisdom Teeth Removal – Commack

“There was no wait in the office, everyone was kind.” Whenever I visited the dentist in the past, waiting made me more and more nervous.  Knowing that I needed to have wisdom teeth removed was definitely nerve inducing.  The fact that there was no wait and everyone was so kind helped me relax. LC, Commack –[...]

Oral Surgery – East Northport

“The doctor and nurse were very nice, calm and accommodating.” I had heard from other oral surgery patients that everyone at Dr. Miller’s office was great.  Everything I heard was true and as a result I had a very positive experience.  Thank you. CA, East Northport – Oral Surgeon Patient

Wisdom Teeth Removal – Kings Park

“The service is very good and staff is cordial” Having my wisdom teeth removed was a much better experience than I expected.  The service from the beginning to the end was very good and the staff were so cordial. LH, Kings Park, Wisdom Teeth Removal Patient

Tooth Extraction – Hauppauge

“Fast and efficient Tooth Extraction” My experience in Dr. Miller’s office was very good.  Rather than unnecessarily prolonging my visit, the office was fast and efficient.  My tooth extraction was equally fast and efficient.  Thank you all. SJ, Hauppauge – Tooth Extraction Patient

Dr. Miller Oral Surgery – Commack

“Dr. Miller is thorough, gentle, professional and very good!” I definitely would recommend Dr. Miller to anyone needing oral surgery – or any dental services.  Dr. Miller is so thorough, while being very gentle.  Everyone in his office is professional. KL, Commack – Oral Surgery Patient

Dental Implants – Deer Park

“Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff – Deer Park” Imagine finding such a friendly and knowledgeable staff in a dentist’s office.  Both Dr. Miller and his staff explained everything I needed to know about dental implants and made the whole process so pleasant. PS, Deer Park – Dental Implants Patient