Anesthesia Options

As a patient at the office of Dr. David Miller you have the option of three types of anesthesia to make your procedure pain free.

Local anesthesia, also known as novocaine, is an injection in the mouth that makes the area numb. This can be used alone or together with either of the next two options.

Nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas or sweet air, is a gas that you breathe through a mask placed over your nose. It gives you a relaxed and happy feeling, which goes away quickly when the procedure is finished.

The last option is general anesthesia. Dr. Miller injects the anesthetic medicines by IV and the patient drifts off to sleep in a few seconds. This is a totally safe procedure which allows the patient to be unconscious while surgery is performed. Upon awakening, the patient may feel groggy for a while. If you choose this option you cannot eat or drink for six hours prior to surgery and you must have an adult present to take you home.

The advantage of general anesthesia is obvious – a completely pain free and pleasant sleep. Patients have been known to remark that they had the best sleep and wish they could bottle it to take home.