November is National Awareness Diabetes Month

Did you know that certain health conditions can cause oral problems?

Diabetes and oral health conditions are often related. People with Type I or Type II diabetes are at heightened risk of developing tooth decay, fungal infections in the mouth and gum disease.

Practicing thorough oral hygiene, following and controlling glucose levels, and a proper diet low in sugar is recommended.

Poorly controlled diabetes impairs the immune system therefore diabetics have difficulty fighting off bacterial and fungal infections. Gum disease and a fungal infection called “thrush,” for example, both present varying levels of complications for people diagnosed with diabetes. Additionally, diabetics typically produce less saliva. Diminished saliva production can lead to dry mouth and tooth decay. Taste disorders such as a salty taste in the mouth may be a sign of diabetes. Sufferers of salty taste in mouth diabetes may be at a higher risk of gum disease, dental cavities and other oral problems.

To prevent complications associated with diabetes regularly visit your dentist.

Diabetes can complicate oral surgery as healing is slower and there is an increased risk of infection.

Discuss the following with your oral surgeon; your diabetes and any current symptoms, your medication, eating before and after surgery and the importance of having proper blood sugar levels when undergoing surgical procedures.

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