E Cigarettes and Oral Health

Dental researchers want to know the oral effects of the increasingly popular battery-powered devices that deliver cigarettes electronically and in an array of flavors, vapors and venues ranging from convenience store to “vape shop” and including the Internet.

As public health officials cast regulatory eyes on the relatively new and expanding e-cigarette market, an “evolving frontier” as the World Health Organization describes it, there’s little research available on the health risks to users and non-users and almost nothing on the oral effects of the contents and emissions of these nicotine delivery systems.
The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, proposes filling the research gap to better inform regulators, health care professionals and consumers about the effects of e-cigarette aerosol mixtures on the mouth, the gums and tissue,

 Source: American Dental Association News “NIDCR proposes

e-cigarette research” September 05, 2014

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