Oral Surgeries for Children

Whether due to an unexpected accident or some problems with a growing mouth and teeth, the need for oral surgeries for children may arise at any time.

For parents and children alike, oral surgery can be somewhat scary. Knowing what situations may require a surgery, as well as what to expect during oral surgery, can help ease anxiety and offer reassurance.

The most common oral surgeries performed on children and adolescents are tooth extractions, frenectomies, exposure of impacted or non-erupted permanent teeth, or for accidental injury or trauma to the teeth or face.

Tooth extraction:

Most of the time, when a tooth extraction for a child is recommended, it is for orthodontic reasons. It may be suggested to have wisdom teeth, permanent teeth, or even baby teeth pulled if your child has a small jaw and may face issues with crowding. Removing these teeth early can help with proper alignment as new teeth erupt.


A frenectomy is a fairly simple and straightforward surgery to remove extra folds of soft tissue in the mouth, typically in the middle of the upper lip and gum or under the tongue. It may be used to increase the tongue’s range of motion or help close a gap between two teeth.

Exposure of non-erupted or impacted teeth:

Occasionally, a child’s permanent teeth may become impacted and not erupt for various reasons. Canine teeth, in particular, may have issues with not erupting properly but are essential for the proper formation of the mouth and teeth as a child grows. To treat teeth that are impacted or not erupting, children may need oral surgery to help expose them and guide them into place.

Treatment of injury or trauma:

Accidents may cause children to need a large variety of oral surgeries. Deep cuts in or around the mouth, jaw fractures, knocked out teeth (particularly the accidental loss of permanent teeth) may all require oral surgeries.

Finding the right oral surgeon can help ease your and your child’s anxieties. Make sure you find an oral surgeon who makes you and your child feel comfortable, safe, and in control.